PCSuite Inspector

PCSuite Inspector Pro

Analyze and monitor the state of your hard drive


  • Remote monitoring
  • Alarms can be properly configured
  • Simple or complex view status


  • Doesn't offer any solutions
  • Translation not good


PCSuite Inspector is a hard drive inspection and monitoring tool that will allow you to keep your S.M.A.R.T. – enabled drives under control.

The PCSuite Inspector interface is clear and easy to understand and quite a contrast to the ugly warning messages the program launches when it detects a problem. There are two modes – Overview and Details – which will give you differing levels of information of the health, performance and temperature of your drives.

A nice feature in PCSuite Inspector is the ability to set up remote monitoring. This can be accessed using a special address and a normal browser and, obviously, a password for safety. When an alarm is triggered (and you can modify the sensitivity threshold), PCSuite Inspector can also be configured to send a notification email or to launch a specific application.

Unfortunately, although PCSuite Inspector is an interesting program with good notification options, once it finds a problem, it doesn’t offer you any solutions or explanations. This means that if you don’t have adequate hard drive troubleshooting skills, you’re likely to be left with a lot of questions, but not enough answers.

PCSuite Inspector provides plenty of warning about possible hard drive malfunctions, but not many solutions.

PCSuite Inspector


PCSuite Inspector Pro

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